by paullikesart

I plan on making ”profiles” on my blog. That means I want to explain the style or the artist. Sometimes even an artwork, but it has to be worth it. Like the Mona Lisa or something. Or Amsterdam’s Militia at Night, The Birth of Venus, For The Love of God, Girl with a Pearl Earring etc. In less words, the painting should really have a unique story. A work that is thought about. Of course, I don’t know everything so I will just explain the things I know, and share with the world. I will probably not look up very much. Only sometimes. I will not blog about something that I don’t know of. I also want to make clear that I will not blog about art movements, artworks or artists who I do not like. That’s probably just 0.00001% of the art history. For example some photographers who take photographs of explicit images to ”break the borders of the sexual taboos”. That’s something that goes exactly against my beliefs. Keep it in your pants. I do not have a problem with nudity though, I adore Erwin Olaf’s photos. It’s just an other statement than those photographers stated before.

That’s that for my little introduction about how I’m going to explain some things. Have a nice day.