My blog name.

by paullikesart

As you might have seen, my blog title is filled in with some artworks. I want to introduce them to you in a post and tell you who created them. I’ve made the title with photoshop if you were curious.

C: Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa (ca. 1503-1507)

A: Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night (1889)

T: Gustav Klimt – The Kiss (1907-1908)

H: Jackson Pollock – Autumn Rythm (1950)

A: Sandro Botticelli – The Birth of Venus (ca. 1486)

R: Piet Mondrian – Composition With Blue, Red and Yellow (1930)

S: Roy Liechtenstein – Girl With Hair Ribbon (1965)

I: Damien Hirst – For The Love of God (2007)

S: Johannes Vermeer – Girl With a Pearl Earring (1665-1667)